• Establishing educational institutions

  • Training lectors and educators 

  • Developing curricula and lesson plans and training students in a variety of hi-tech, technological, agricultural and other fields

  • Educational Tourism and seminars in Israel​

5 Facts

1. Atid is the largest educational company in Israel.

2. Currently active in 12 countries all over the world.

3. Operating and managing over 50 educational institutions.

4Training over 50,000 students annually.

5. Over 1,000 programs.

6. Employing over 3,000 educators.




Step into the future - Atid is an established, experienced and renowned institution, specializing in vocational training in a great variety of professional fields.

Since its inception in 1990, Atid trained hundreds of thousands individuals, preparing them for the modern employment world.

Atid Int'l developed thousands of curricula, and employs leading educators from areas of expertise such as hi-tech, technological industrial training, the automobile industry and much more.

Atid Int'l - in this day and age, educating citizens and providing them with relevant professional knowledge is a mission of great importance, in any country.

Developing excellent vocational training opportunities is a necessary step on the route to financial advancement and sustainable growth, especially in the highly competitive global economy we live in.

Atid Int'l, based in Israel, is implementing this mission around the globe, in order to aid countries in building the workforce of the future.

sharing Israel's methodologies and skills through a training program 



Our vision - To establish, develop and enhance global vocation training - and provide each and every individual with the opportunity to acquire up- to-date knowledge which will allow them to become a part of the ever-evolving, modern world of employment.

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ATID international



 Education and Training is the only tool for developing citizens and the bridge to a sustainable future

Atid's vision is to supply knowledge and skill to everyone to cope with life's challenges and develop themselves