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Atid is a leading international network focusing on education, vocational training and development of professional knowledge and skills.

Active since 1990 and based in Israel, Atid Int'l is leading professional development in the hi-tech, technology and industrial spheres.

Atid Int'l specializes in consulting to governments and municipalities on vocational training, establishing advanced educational facilities, developing educational programs, training professional personnel and teaching courses and seminars in a variety of frameworks.

Atid Int'l possesses vast experience and knowledge, accumulated through the years. Atid Int'l developed, established and now manages dozens of educational institutions for all ages.

It employs thousands of prominent teachers and top-notch lectors. The progressive curricula we developed, on a variety of subjects, are used to train and instruct dozens of thousands individuals annually.

Our educational teams are led by the finest professionals of extensive academic and field experience.

Local Solutions in the Global World

Our international team accommodates each country with the right solution, according to its needs, while implementing the advanced teaching tools we’ve developed.


Through the years, we acquired vast experience in a variety of countries in Europe and Africa, and had the honor of receiving official

certification from the U.N, towards developing training and education programs. In each country,

working side by side with local representatives, we develop a tailor-made program designed in congruence with the local job market

and the country’s unique needs.

We assist local industry executives in developing educational institutions, vocational training programs and more,

and together nurture and cultivate the next generation of leaders, managers and workers.

The vocational training programs, global in their core, help modernize the local employment market and encourage the local economy to grow and compete on the global market.

Personal Development and Self-Realization

We believe that each human being possesses great abilities, ready to be fulfilled with the right training and professional guidance.

By providing contemporary, cutting-edge and technology-centered professional education,

we equip every individual with the worthy opportunity to develop a prosperous and financially rewarding career,

and helps them to realize their potential to the fullest.  

Our educational program in based not only on advanced, ground-breaking knowledge, but on the notion that everyone has their own path and route, one that suits them best. We believe in personalized learning, adapted to the student’s abilities and strengths, while providing attentive and inclusive feedback and guidance. Our directives prove themselves with a high percentage of graduates, who go on to join the modern employment market.

The Expertise of Atid

The Atid Int'l possesses immense international experience, acquired through many years of activity. Along with expansive activity in Israel,

where Atid Int'l was established, Atid had created and developed an international network which extends to Europe and Africa.

Atid Int'l specializes in providing local solutions, adapted to each country’s unique professional landscape and needs, based on our knowledge pool and the advanced curricula we have developed. Atid offers immense expertise in consulting and advising to governments and municipalities on vocational training, establishing advanced educational facilities, teaching courses and seminars in a variety of frameworks, training professional personnel and developing educational programs.

ATID colleges 

ATID High school

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