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Information Technology

Media and Design

Cyber protection is a vast field in particular relates to the security of information systems against various risks that apply to them in the modern era, including their data (information assets), physical systems ("Hardware") and communication.

Meaning "protection of information systems" is - the protection of all layers, all the tools, all technologies, all storage components, all communication lines, etc., and hence - the scope of this field is vast.

Electricity & Electronics 

A qualified electrician authorization

Main electrician authorization

Cell phones Maintenance

Service Technician for Domestic Appliance

Service Technician for Plasma and LCD Television

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning installation and service

Heavy Duty Machinery 

Heavy duty machinery operator

Maintenance heavy duty machinery

Electrical and electronic heavy duty machinery

Search & Rescue 

High angle rescue

Professional rope tying

Rescue from Fire – cars and structures

First medical aid

Emergency medicine

Tracking and locating – GPS, maps, navigation

Recuse from water (floods etc.)

Recuse from vehicles

Rescue from collapsing structures

Operation of stretcher and other medical devices

Emergency scenarios – definition, planning, managing

Terror emergency situation

Dangerous material respond 

Safety at work & Logistics 

Building Maintenance


Maintenance and Industry

Procurement and Logistics

Job Safety

Engineering Consultancy on Safety

Writing of Safety Regulations and Plans

Risk Surveys

Management Finance and Innovation 

New Management


Leadership development

Crisis and Mass Disaster Management

Urban Economic

Job Safety

Executive Management

Human Resources


Accounting and Bookkeeping

Capital Market



Agriculture & Environment

Poultry farming for eggs

Field crops, grains, vegetables and orchards

Dairy and Beef Cattle (ruminants) ranching

Agriculture and Environment

Fustigation Technologies and Crop Production

Greenhouse Crop Production Technologies

Water Management



Food Production




Green energy


Industry Foreman


Quality Control


Underwater Welding

Computer Numerical Control


Construction executive

Crane Operation

Safety at work directors

Infrastructure and roads work executive



Multiplex course – car electronic system

Garage Management Certification

Training instructors for teaching technology

Garage Service Consultants

Electrical and electronic vehicle

Bodywork - Garage Management Certification

Color - Garage Management Certification

Tires and tubes - Garage Management Certification

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