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Consulting - The extensive experience we acquired in Israel and globally allows us to aid governments, local authorities and educational bodies in establishing vocational training institutions, developing curricula, training educators and educating students on a wide variety of subjects.

Founding educational institutions - Atid Int'lhas founded over 50 educational institutions, which accommodate dozens of thousands students annually.

Hi-tech education - Atid Int'l founds and develops courses and educational institutions specializing in advanced technology, with special attention to fields such as cyber, IT and mobile apps.

Establishing workshops and laboratories - Atid Int'l has founded and built hundreds of cutting-edge workshops, hosting practical studies in industrial and technological niches.

Courses, seminars - Atid Int'l has developed, and currently teaches, hundreds of vocational training courses in a variety of fields (tech, industry, health, energy, security, tourism).

Educational programs and educators training - Atid Int'l is the proprietor of thousands of forward-thinking educational programs, which can be adapted to local needs in each and every country, along with training local educators and lectors for optimal guidance

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